Multigenerational Goldendoodle









Taking reservations in our Master Wait list for 2021 litters

Gracie is a multigenerational chocolate goldendoodle. She is my shadow who loves to be loved and shown attention. She has an amazingly sweet temperament that has fit well into our family with four small children. She loves them and they love her. Gracie is 55lbs and has been health tested through Embark. She has also passed her hips, elbows, patellas, and cardiac exams through OFA and Dr. Wallace.

At 6 weeks of age we will have puppy selection. This is to ensure that each puppy is well after their vet check between 5-6 weeks. Selection takes place in order of reservations made.

Lacie and Gus

expected in the

Spring of 2021

Bailey and ??

We have not chosen a Sire for Bailey  yet but when we do we will post it here!

Expected n the Spring of 2021