Exciting news!! Bailey had her 7 puppies on 4/9! Lacie Is due April 22!


***As of now, the reservation list is closed for Bailey and Lacie's litters.***  


We are taking reservations for our Master Wait list for future 2021 litters

Selection takes place in order of reservations made.

We would love to have you as a part of the Bailey Mountain Doodle Family! Please fill out our application if you are ready to take the next step in welcoming your new family member.

At 6 weeks of age we will have puppy selection. This is to ensure that each puppy is well after their vet check between 5-6 weeks.


Lacie and Gus

Lacie and Gus will produce all red/apricot/ cream puppies. Some will have some white spotting on the chest. The puppies will be standard size and grow to be approximately 55-70 pounds. They will all have loose wavy coats.



Lacie's Pregnancy has been confirmed! We saw at least 6!


1. Breeder Pick

2. Breeder Pick

3. Tracy E. (PA)

4. Caroline D. (TX)

5. Emily D. (TX)

6. Laura B. (VA)

7. Lindsay B. (FL)

8. Ajay J. (NC)

9. Miranda C. (VA)

Bailey and Dracarys

Bailey of Bailey Mountain Doodles and Dracarys of Doodling All Day Goldendoodles are expected to produce all red/cream/apricot puppies. There is a chance for some parti pups in there as well! Their puppies will be standard and grow to the approximate size of 65-75 pounds. They will all have loose wavy coats.




Bailey's Pregnancy HAS been confirmed!!
We saw at least 5 puppies on the ultrasound !


1. Breeder Pick 

2. Breeder Pick

3. Larry B. (GA)

4. Neha T. (NJ)

5. Ravi M. (NJ)

6. Jean S. (DC)

7. Jesse A. (NC)