We would love to have you as a part of the Bailey Mountain Doodle Family! Please fill out our application if you are ready to take the next step in welcoming your new family member.

At 6 weeks of age we will have puppy selection. This is to ensure that each puppy is well after their vet check between 5-6 weeks.


Mini Goldendoodles

Macie and Porter

Macie of Bailey Mountain Doodles and Porter of Saulda Ridge Goldendoodles are expected to produce all red/cream/apricot puppies. There is a chance for some parti pups in there as well! Their puppies will be mini and grow to the approximate size of 30-35 pounds. Most will have curly coats.



We conirmed at least 6 puppies via ultrasound! Macie's due date is July 31, 2021.

1. Breeder Pick
2. Vanessa (NC)
3. Caitlin K (NC)
4. Emily P. (NC)
5. Jess N. (PA)
6. Emily T (NC)
7. Hoonbeom C. (NJ)

Lacie and Gus

Lacie and Gus will produce all red/apricot/ cream puppies. Some will have some white spotting on the chest. The puppies will be standard size and grow to be approximately 55-70 pounds. They will all have loose wavy coats.




Reservations Fall/Winter 2021

1. Breeder Pick

2. Maria F. (FL)

3. Tiffany B. (NC)

4. Caroline D. (TX/NY)

5. Lindsay B. (FL)